Our export capabilities on Fishing Vessel/Trawler For Sale, Multifilament Fishing Fresh  and  Frozen   Fish product ,  EVA Floats, Nets  Fishing  Tackles, Rainwear.

Through the curved roads to the small bay of Garipce you will face the cool breeze  and fishing smells coming from the strait that collides its waters to the Black Sea.  At dawn the Fishing Vessels will be filled in with fishermen in Pruva branded-Rainwear who have   been  collecting  their  Multifilament  Net.  You will  feel the  joy  of  watching the fishermen putting the EVA floats to those nets. It must be spring time when you landed there in Garipce, since  all  these local  fishermen are being prepared to earn their living again.

This scene  tells  you  the  idea of how we started with  Pruva Limited on the sales & supply  of  various  fishing tackles, fishing nets, fishing (EVA) floats to support our fishermen in this  marvellous  part of the earth, Garipce. Then we continued this idea by selling  fresh  and  frozen  fish  and even  the  fishing  vessels, which being primarily the output of all this fishermen's economy.

Pruva  Limited  has  taken  off  from  its  origin  Garipce  and  landed to Turkey's diverse regions  and  even  beyond   this  country's  boundaries  (via  fish exports). In  short  we loo k forward  to  serving   you with  our   high-quality    product   range.