We offer floats of different shapes and sizes to match a variety of fisherman needs.
E.V.A. Floats  have excellent elasticity and do not break, shrink, or deform. E.V.A. Floats are light and soft and do not absorb water. They are excellent for Fishing Nets.
Product LxODx HD (mm) WT(g) Buoyancy(g) 40'cont. capacity  Colour 
NYE-3 101x 78x 20mm 46g 300g  88000pcs  Yellow
NYE-6 146x 94x 20mm 93g 616g  44000pcs  Yellow
NYE-20 173x135x28mm 290g 1900g 18600pcs Yellow
NYE-25 180x147x28(mm) 350g 2400g 14000pcs  Yellow